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Homage to Thunderbirds, created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.
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Format: Game Boy Color
Genre: Action Strategy
Players: 1 Player
Release Date: March 2001

SYDNEY, 31st January 2001, Ozisoft , Australia's leading distributor of Entertainment software, proudly announces the release of 'THUNDERBIRDS' for the Colour Gameboy also releasing later in the year on PS2 and PC. Published by SCI, Thunderbirds is set to be a runaway success, particularly with the launch of the TV show Thunderbirds on Channel 9.

Since it's launch in 1965, Thunderbirds has gone on to become one of the most popular and enduring series in the history of world television. Set in the year 2065 on a secret island base, the Tracy Family run International Rescue. Their on-going mission is to aid humanity in any way they can. Together with their London agent, Lady Penelope and teenage genius Brains, as well as a whole host of other characters, they battle the forces of evil including the world's foremost villain, The Hood.

Gerry Anderson's thirty-two part, action packed, fantasy adventure has become a massive world-wide hit which has never been off air globally since it was launched. It has attracted an estimated total audience of over one hundred million around the globe. With this kind of fan base, it's not difficult to understand just what a huge brand Thunderbirds is. It now has over 30 licensees and over 100 product lines, so with this kind of multi-industry support, Thunderbirds will undoubtedly receive the kind of publicity that this brand truly deserves.

The game takes place over 6 different scenarios which involve different vehicles being required to perform different tasks. The 6th and final scenario is a top secret bonus level therefore details will be withheld for now. All of the scenarios involve disrupting The Hood's evil little plans, such as manufactured earthquakes, but at the same time the overall plan is to stop The Hood once and for all.

Take control of a number of the famous Thunderbird vehicles and complete a whole range of rescue missions consisting of 24 levels split over 6 environments.

For further information, contact regarding the Thunderbirds Game:

Kym Warner
PR/Promotions Manager
Ozisoft Pty Ltd.
Phone: (02) 8303 6839

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