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Homage to Thunderbirds, created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.
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Thunderbirds are GO!

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Welcome to an online homage to The Thunderbirds/International Rescue!

Brief History:

In 1965, U.K.-based producer/creator Gerry Anderson, with then-wife Sylvia Anderson, introduced a new television series -- and cult phenomenon. The show utilized "Supermarionation" (marionette puppetry techniques/designwork), which was pioneered in previous Anderson productions such as Supercar and Fireball XL5, among others.

The show: Thunderbirds.

Scott Tracy - Thunderbird 1Virgil Tracy - Thunderbird 2Alan Tracy  - Thunderbird 3Gordon Tracy - Thunderbird 4

The premise: In the year 2065, former astronaut, wealthy industrialist and patriach Jeff Tracy, with his five sons, form the core of "International Rescue" (IR), a secret organization based on Tracy Island. From this hidden base in the Pacific Ocean, the team relies upon highly advanced vehicles (code-named: Thunderbird 1, Thunderbird 2, et. al.) in their global missions.

International Rescue also includes members Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, her chaffeur Parker (with their special car, known as FAB1); the scientific genius Brains, and servant Kyrano and his daughter, Tin-Tin.

The technologies of International Rescue are sought by various countries and treacherous individuals, including The Hood, an criminal mastermind with super-hypnotic capabitilities, whose half-brother is Kyrano!

Thunderbirds lasted a mere 32 episodes between 1965-66. The show spawned two movies (Thunderbirds Are Go! and Thunderbird 6), became a 1980s Japanese anime (animated) series (Thunderbirds 2086) and has maintained cult status worldwide. A live-action motion picture is due in 2004 from Universal, along with a possible television series.

We hope you enjoy your exploration of this website!

This website is dedicated to showcasing the original Thunderbirds shows/movies. It also provides information and insights on the new 2004 Universal live-action movie and the possible television series from Carlton International. The spirit of Thunderbirds, new and classic, lives on.

Note: Mr. Anderson is bringing Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons back to the small screen in 2005. CG (Computer Graphics) is being used instead of puppetry -- using the term "Hypermarionation."

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