presents Thunderbirds - Thunderbirds are GO!
Homage to Thunderbirds, created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.
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[Gallery is under heavy construction.]

GAMMA is a member of GAMMA - the Gerry Anderson Model Makers Alliance. GAMMA is an informal group of people who are interested in computer modeling of craft and other objects from the productions of Gerry Anderson.

The alliance is dedicated to making freely available 3D computer models, images, animations and related material for the enjoyment of all. No commercial use of models or other material is permitted. Models are only re-used or ported with the permission of the originator. All alliance members wish to respect copyright in the original properties being modeled. Visit the GAMMA website to learn more...

Our Gallery section is devoted to images from both the classic and new Thunderbirds productions. In the future, we hope to present both CG (Computer Generated) pictures and downloadable models/meshes.

Per our Open Content Model, we welcome the submission of CG work. Ownership of all submitted artwork, models and meshes will remain the property of the artist/creator. All submissions are treated as freely available for download from our website for non-commercial, personal use. Additionally, our website does not restrict sharing of these files by the artist/creator. You may post/share your artwork elsewhere. We do appreciate the opportunity to showcase and share your work within our website. We also welcome the chance to work with other like-minded websites in offering quality artwork, models and meshes.

You can submit artwork, models and meshes by contacting us directly.

All submissions will be properly credited when posted to the website. All CG submissions must be commercial-free creations. We do not guarantee that all submissions will be posted. We reserve the right to refuse submissions and/or remove files at any time.

We prefer .jpg and .png graphic formats; we are not adverse to large-sized images. Please bear in mind that images will likely be used as desktop wallpaper. Sizes, such as 1024x768, 1152x864 and 1600x1280, are best.

FOR CG SUBMISSIONS (such as models and meshes):
We are open to a wide variety of file formats, ranging from Maya to 3D Studio Max, Lightwave to Cinema 4D, TrueSpace to SolidWorks, Bryce to Poser, etc. (We prefer that files are packaged within a .zip, .tar or .rar file.) Be sure to include a .txt file with credit(s) and usage instructions.

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