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Hardcopy versions of our eBooks

Some people prefer to hold an paper book in their hands, not read from a computer screen. This page is intended to provide options.

We have two recommendations on how to obtain hardcopy versions of our eBooks:
  1. Print out your own version (on your home laser or inkjet printer).
  2. Utilize a third-party physical print publisher, such as, to generate a hardcopy version. does not provide hardcopy versions of its eBooks at this time. However, we are considering doing so in the future, strictly "at cost" from a third-party printer, such as without any profit whatsoever. If/when we do, no ISBN number or bar code will be assigned to the books, as these are non-commercial works.

If you choose a printing press publisher, such as, for your hardcopy printouts...

Some people may want a hardcopy version of an eBook for their private collection. If you decide to use a professional printer, such as, to make an actual, physical copy/copies of our eBooks, please remember the following:

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

  1. Are the .pdf versions of your eBooks ready to print with

    No. We'll explain. requires a .pdf version of the book for printing. Our fan fiction-based .pdf (and .odt, or OpenDocument Text format) files are formatted at's recommended 6" x 9" paper size (432pt x 648pt) with margin sizes (top, bottom, left and right) of 36pt, with a gutter of 18 pt (position: left).

    But our cover art is not 300dpi, the minimum resolution required by

    However, you do have another option: You may use OpenOffice or StarOffice to open the .odt file, remove the images, re-format as needed, then print into a new .pdf file. Both OpenOffice and StarOffice come with the ability to "save" (print) into .pdf format.

    You will need to provide your own cover art.

    For additional formatting instructions, see for additional help.

  2. I wrote this eBook. Can I publish my own hard copy version?

    Yes, provided you do not use any of work created/generated by the imprint, such as formatting, copyright notices, cover art, back cover art, interior art--whatever was produced by and not you, the author.

    You may not publish, distribute or sell any of our imprint eBooks to the public. All copies must be for personal, private use.

  3. May I sell hardcopy versions of these eBooks?

    No. These books are always intended to be free, non-commercial, and not-for-profit.

    We remind everyone that Space: 1999 is legally owned by Granada/Carlton. Other commercial properties, such as cross-overs with other productions, or fan-fiction inspired works of other productions, are owned by other entities. If you want to sell commercial works, then contact the legal property owner and obtain official licensing to do so.

    We remain hopeful that the legal owners of these properties are gracious in permitting our activities, given there is no commercial aspect or profiteering from our imprint releases.

  4. Can you send me high resolution digital versions of your images (cover art, back cover art, interior art, etc.?)

    No. The digital artwork provided with our .pdf and .odt files is the only artwork we make available with our eBooks.

  5. Could I release my own hardcopy versions "at cost" (no profits earned, purely non-commercial)?

    Yes, you may release your own hardcopy version as your own publisher, but only if 1.) you are the original author; and 2.) you do not use any of the formatting/work done by, including the imprint.

  6. Can I/should I get an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) number for these harcopy books?

    No. Since these publications are non-commercial and for personal, private use, you do not need an ISBN.


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