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Open Content Model (OCM)

What's the idea behind "Open Content Model (OCM)?" (or "Open Content" project?)

Linux. Mozilla. Apache. These are only a few of the high-profile open source projects underway on the Internet.

Ours is much, MUCH smaller in scope. <grin> And different in approach to "open source." is designed to showcase resourceful, quality content about the 1970s science fiction entertainment production, Space: 1999, plus various other Gerry Anderson-inspired productions. We have created the "Open Content Model" (or "OCM") in which participants can freely contribute content to for non-commercial use. Content will be reviewed, processed, and edited by the staff for inclusion into the web site, if appropriate.

As you venture through, what information is missing? What information needs refinement or polishing? Is there a favorite quote which we're missing? Is there a new Space: 1999 web site which you want added? Are you a talented CGI artist looking to contribute to your own Gallery section? Do you have new ideas for the Analyses section under "Testament of Arkadia?" Do you have a Space: 1999 fan fiction story and nowhere to post it?

You'll find that portions of the web site are under ongoing, heavy development. We might be developing/designing something which you are proposing. Heck, we may be taking too long in implementing new content. (Time is a rare and precious commodity for us!). But we're determined to make this site increasingly useful to the Space: 1999 fandom at large.

Your input may help the growth of the site, introduce new ideas to the Space: 1999, Gerry Anderson, and Sylvia Anderson fandoms... and stir renewed interest in a particular subject. We welcome your input. Just follow the guidelines below.

"Open Content Model" and

What Qualifies as "Open Content"?

Within the web site, the following content qualifies as Open Content which you may use, provided you follow the established guidelines for usage:


Submitting "Open Content"

If you wish to participate, send an e-mail on the subject... and how you'd like to participate. Please be specific in your e-mail. Examples: When referring to a web page, please include the URL. Keep your messages concise and clear. And please do not send file attachments until we have communicated about them. Plain ASCII text e-mails/files are appreciated.

All submissions will be considered for inclusion on, with permission granted to reprint on your own web site(s) or publication(s). Imagery, stories, articles, CGI models and meshes, or other creative work (the "Work") submitted remain the property of the original creator. The original creator, in submitting the Work, agrees to grant a non-commercial license to publish and display the Work on the web site, or to publish, display or otherwise use the Work in a non-commercial manner. acknowledges that the original creator retains all moral rights to the Work. asks that a copy of any revisions/updates of submitted content is provided, as available.

Using "Open Content"

Anyone else wishing to republish the Work for non-commercial purposes may do so; the Work may NOT be modified, altered, or otherwise changed without the original creator's consent; and on the web page where the content appears, full credit must be both visible and citing the author and originating web site ( Examples could be:

Author: Stephanie Leigh
Originally from
Reprinted with permission via's Open Content Model.

By Stephanie Leigh/
Reprinted with permission by asks that a courtesy e-mail is sent whenever you republish our content, per our Open Content Model. Hey, we're ever curious! ;-)

Contacting Us About "Open Content" Submissions and Usage

If you would like to contribute -- or use our content -- please send your e-mail to:


Your message will be sent directly to the web team. Please be aware that the large volume of mail we receive may prevent us from responding quickly to each message. Thank you for writing! (And participating!)

Copyright 1999-2006 All Rights Reserved. Legal notice.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License, in conjunction with our Open Source Content Model. This site uses XHTML and CSS and looks best with a standards compliant browser.

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