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Welcome to's non-commercial eBook publishing imprint!

Launched April 18, 2006, the imprint offers quality electronic books (eBooks) for free download!

How does this eBook thing work?

You may download as many eBooks titles as you like! offers free eBooks via our own imprint and imprint partnerships, such as the " & imprint," among others. Authors may also submit their works for consideration as future eBook releases from our imprints!

We strongly encourage all fans of Space: 1999 to support the efforts of Powys Media, the officially licensed publisher of new Space: 1999 books.


What's New

Our latest eBook offerings:

Human Decision Required "A New Moon Over Bajor"
By Ariana
Originally published 1999; re-issued April 2006
( & imprint)

A cross-over with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

The Moon is catapulted into an alternate universe, passing the Deep Space Nine station at the edge of Federation space. Koenig is determined to return his people to their own universe, but the Federation's war with the Dominion and some personal matters interfere...

View larger cover image | Learn more/Get the eBook

Human Decision Required "Breakaway Part II"
By Matt Butts
Originally published 1999; re-issued April 2006
( imprint)

Written in script (teleplay) format!

(Sequel to Space: 1999's first episode, "Breakaway.") As the moon is hurled from Earth orbit on September 13th, 1999, the mettle of various Alphans will be tested in a race for their very survival.

View larger cover image | Learn more/Get the eBook

Human Decision Required "What Lies Beneath"
By Michael Faries
Release date: April 2006
( imprint)

The first in a series of novels featuring new Alphan characters!

(A novel set during Year One of the series.) Dangerous legacies, leading back to the construction of Moonbase Alpha, resurface under the lunar soil... and within the minds of some Alphans.

View larger cover image | Learn more/Get the eBook


"A New Moon Over Bajor" eBook: Interview with the author, Ariana
Find out more about this reissue of the Space: 1999/DS9 fan fiction crossover, now available as an eBook!

"What Lies Beneath" eBook: Interview with the author, Michael Faries
Learn about the latest fan fiction eBook addition to the imprint!

Announcing the and Imprint
Both web sites in joint partnership to publish non-commercial digital eBook offerings under Creative Commons licenses   (18.April.2006)

Announcing Free Digital Publications with the All-New Imprint utilizes Creative Commons licenses to publish non-commercial digital eBook offerings; first novels due April 2006   (18.April.2006)


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