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"Message from Moonbase Alpha"/bonus DVD disc update (U.S.)

The following was written by Scott Michael Bosco, consultant on A&E Space: 1999 DVD releases on 30 September 2002.

This letter is addressed to all who wrote in favor of MESSAGE FROM MOONBASE ALPHA appearing on DVD through A&E:

First, thank you for taking the time, showing your support, and never giving up. The unfaltering wave of positive response did indeed aid in the final release.

Now, I would like to clarify how the Bonus Disc (Containing more than just MESSAGE) will be made available. I know there is much confusion concerning when, and where the disc can be purchased. I have been awaiting confirmation from New Video on the final information so as not to cause any further confusion, and rumor as has been the case with over-zealous fans jumping the gun just to be the first to spout something new in a futile attempt to bolster their egos over product security and consumer consideration.

The Bonus Disc will first be released as part of the Mega-Set available only at BEST BUY and other Musicland stores, eg: SAM GOODY, SUNCOAST, ON-CUE, beginning 9/24/2002. It has been reported that it has been made available ahead of time and that SAM GOODY and SUNCOAST web sites aren't mentioning the Bonus Disc.

In either case, after approx. 30 days any new shipments of the Mega-Set to all locations will then include the Bonus Disc. A sticker on the shrink wrap will signify that the Bonus Disc is included. For those who have already purchased the previously released Box Sets 1 through 8 the Bonus Disc will be made available separately from the A&E web site in January of 2003, for about $20.00 U.S.

Message from Moonbase Alpha/remastered episodes

The Bonus Disc has been packaged in a plain white envelope due to the late addition, and on-going discussions in obtaining MESSAGE. The deadline in producing the Mega-Set had to be met and was done at a time when it was thought MESSAGE would not make it into the set.

It's been a long and hard road, but finally the requests have been answered. I was thrilled to receive the emails some as far as Italy and Spain requesting MESSAGE, yet MESSAGE is only being released through A&E in North America. I am proud that it is the "only" uncut, un-altered edition to make its way onto DVD as well, any where as of this writing.

Although I was able to personally respond to all the original email requests I apologize this time it is a single from letter. But I felt it would cover more ground and hopefully clear any confusion. I will keep the address available to any and all who have any questions concerning the SPACE: 1999 DVD product.

Once again, I thank you all for your wonderful support and concern in a show that is truly beloved.

  - Scott Michael Bosco, Consultant for New Video/A&E

Editor's note: The Region 2 "Cosmos: 1999" (French) DVD box set contains a bonus DVD with "Message from Moonbase Alpha" although the end credits are missing the musical score. Mr. Bosco is correct when stating "(the Region 1 release) is the "only" uncut, un-altered edition to make its way onto DVD as well, any where as of this writing."

A&E Bonus Disc slip case cover Note: This disc ships (in Webmaster/'s personal experience) without a box or cover art. With thanks to an anonymous submission, here is artwork which you can print out and add to your own DVD slip case!

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