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Articles Index

BOOK REVIEW by "Space: 1999 - Resurrection" by William Latham (Powys Media)
Our full review of this outstanding, original and officially licensed Space: 1999 novel contains some spoilers. »

Powys Media's first Space: 1999 novel ("Resurrection") released
The following contains no spoilers and is intended as an enthusiastic editorial on the availability of this original Space: 1999 novel. »

"'Breakaway': Observations on time units and lunar position"
This article examines the time units during the Breakaway event, as well as the Moon's position in (and out) of Earth orbit. »

"The Moon: An Overview"
An overview of the Moon, including properties, facts and observations as related to the Space: 1999 universe. »

"Hypothesizing the moon's ability to traverse the galaxy"
"Knowing that this is a fantasy show (science 'fiction'), it's easier to ignore the real-life science. But it makes the mind search for a plausible explanation." »

"Message from Moonbase Alpha"/bonus DVD disc update (U.S.)
The following was written by Scott Michael Bosco, consultant on A&E Space: 1999 DVD releases on 30 September 2002. »

"The Noble Two-Season Mission of Space: 1999"
By Peter M. Nichols, New York Times (February 2001). »

"'Space: 1999 - The Future is Fantastic!' book is no longer available"
Author Robert Wood discusses why. »

Interviews Index

Q&A with Barry Morse, Space: 1999's Professor Bergman!
See our question and answer session with Mr. Morse from 2003! (Co-sponsored with Learn more about the man, his acting and interests! »

Q&A with Brian Johnson, Space: 1999's Special F/X whiz!
See our question and answer session with Mr. Johnson from 2001 and 2002! The creator of the Eagle spacecraft, among other models, designs and special f/x shots! »

Interview with John Kenneth Muir discusses "The Forsaken" with author John Kenneth Muir. »

Interview with William Latham and Mateo Latosa about "Resurrection" talks with Powys Media about their first Space: 1999 original novel. »

A Talk with Product Enterprise Ltd.
Learn more about the ship replicas from various Gerry Anderson productions, including Space: 1999's Eagle! »

"Eagle One Media and Space: 1999"
In January 2002, spoke with Eric Reichert of Eagle One Media, publisher of the re-released E.C. Tubb novel, "Space: 1999 - Alien Seed." »

"Interview with Éric Bernard"
Eric Bernard is known within fan circles for privately, professionally re-editing and enhancing various episodes of the Space: 1999 television series. His work first came to the attention of at the MainMission:2000 convention in September 2000. After screening various episodes, we were truly impressed by the quantity -- and professional quality -- of Eric's work. We talked with him about his projects. »

MainMission: 2000 panel session with Catherine Schell (Maya)
As transcribed by Matt Butts from the MainMission: 2000 event back in September 2000. »

"Space: 2001: Writer Johnny Byrne wants to Party Like It's 1999"
John K. Muir talks with Space: 1999 writer and story editor, Johnny Byrne about Space: 1999's past -- and it's possible future. »

"An Interview with Freddie Freiberger"
Starlog Magazine #40 interview from November 1980. »

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