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Powys Media's first Space: 1999 novel released

By Michael A. Faries, Webmaster,

Note: The following contains no spoilers and is intended as an enthusiastic editorial on the availability of this original Space: 1999 novel.

Book cover for 'Space: 1999 - Resurrection' from Powys Media.

Book cover for "Resurrection."

This evening (5 May 2002), I received my copy of William Latham's "Space: 1999 Resurrection" novel. I had the pleasure of pre-ordering it from Powys Media's web site at And it was a Zen-like exercise tonight to see the shipping box, realize the book had arrived, and know I would eventually read it, but needed to wait a bit longer before doing so.

And after tucking in my children and kissing my wonderful wife good night, I laid my eyes upon the book. The wait was over; my expectations would need to be suppressed as I delved into the new adventures of our beloved Alphans.

Two hours later, I am convinced that William Latham is a ghost writer for Johnny Byrne. ;-) The book is brilliant -- that is NO exaggeration. The characterizations are firmly nailed; the tone and textures of Space: 1999 are captured accurately; and the novel is intelligently written, almost painfully so. The book requires a fundamental understanding of the original series; it does not cater easily to new readers. (And I want to thank Powys Media for taking this approach, given the core audience which this book is aimed towards.)

I also wish to acknowledge the forward by Johnny Byrne. It's always a treat to read this man's prolific words.

To Mateo Latosa, Publisher: Thank you for your unseen work in getting this novel published. Thank you for pro-actively following your dreams. Thank you for trusting the first Space: 1999 book to William Latham. (John K. Muir has a VERY tough act to follow, in my humble opinion, with book number two, "The Forsaken.") I do admit I was surprised that the book was printed in paperback form, particularly at the $15.00 U.S. price. Let me be the first to acknowledge: I understand printing costs are enormous (I truly do) -- and despite my initial surprise, I understand the format choice and support the format decision.

On a closing note...

TO EVERYONE: Help support Powys Media and their Space: 1999 endeavor: Please purchase copies of this novel. Tell friends, family, and fellow fans outside of this forum about this book's availability -- and obtaining it from Powys Media's web site. I look forward to ordering additional copies for friends and family, too.

All the best,
Michael Faries

P.S. How I WISH there could be an unabridged audio version of this novel.

Since writing that postscript (P.S.) above, Powys Media has created an audio book of "Resurrection", narrated with heart and soul by original cast member Barry Morse (Professor Victor Bergman). Thank you, Powys Media!

For more information, check Powys Media's web site at

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