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A Talk with Product Enterprise Ltd.

By Michael Faries (1 September 2003). spoke with Product Enterprise Limited about their forthcoming replicas from Gerry Anderson productions, including Space: 1999.

The accuracy of each model appears to be flawless. Can you cite your references? (Like the Space: 1999 Eagle, Supercar's titular vehicle, etc.) Were you able to obtain fan help in making this possible?

The models are as accurate as we can make them. We do not require "Fan help" as we are huge fans ourselves.

Product Enterprise: Eagle replica box shot (rear).

Product box (rear side)
for the Space: 1999 Eagle.

What's the process for creating a replica? (From the first steps to the final process.)

Basically we create the best "original" model that we can. This is sent over to our factory in Hong Kong where their engineers re-make the item but in the component parts that are required to make the tools. They also amend any areas that may cause problem in manufacture. It is important to note that what people do not understand is that the accuracy of an item is all down to costs.

The Eagle just happens to be about the most difficult shape you could wish to mass produce - we can only attempt to keep the compromises to a minimum. In the final product, if there are "inaccuracies" it is not because we did not notice. There will be a very good reason from a manufactuiring point of view why that mod was made.

Are the modelers particularly proud of any one Gerry Anderson replica?

All the models look pretty fantastic - the Eagle happens to be my favourite, hense it being the first made.

Product Enterprise: Eagle replica in its box.

Product box (front view)
for the Space: 1999 Eagle.

Are any the parts removable? (Such as the missile in the front of the U.F.O. Interceptor, or the service pod on the Space: 1999 Eagle, as examples?)

Yes, the central pod of the Eagle is removable - this also allows us to produce varients at a later date. As for firing misiles etc., no. We feel that, although technically toys, these items are more for display rather than play.

Also, to incorporate firing mechanisms into them will cause us to have to make some of those compromises that I mentioned.

Are there any plans for additional replicas? (Examples: Space: 1999's Eagle Rescue Transporter/other variants; U.F.O.'s SKY 1, etc.)

It all depends on how well the first few do but yes, the next releases will be Skydiver - U.F.O. Saucer - SHADOmobile.

Will there be any special accessories forthcoming? (Such as a Moonbase Alpha landing pad for the Eagle?)

I think these would prove too expensive to produce, The packaging has been designed in such a way as to give a "feel" of the Eagle being on it's landing pad.

Any chance of Gerry Anderson production-based action figures in 2004?

We are looking into it.

The absence of Thunderbirds, Joe 90 and Captain Scarlet was noticed in your product line. Does Product Enterprise have any plans to produce replicas for these 1960s productions?

As I say, we will have to see how popular the range becomes.

Are these replicas only available for purchase via your website? Are there any recommended vendors/stores carrying your products?

These are for world wide distribution.


We appreciated Product Enterprise Ltd.'s responses to our questions. Visit their web site to learn more about their products!

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