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Features: Ask John Kenneth Muir (Q&A)

Presented by and!

Ask questions of the author of two Space: 1999 books, plus an award-winning author of other works, too!

For the next few months, you have a very special opportunity to ask John Kenneth Muir about his body of work via this forum.   This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss:

"THE FORSAKEN captures the spirit of the show and continues to add to the mythos. It's also a damn good read." - The Undertaker,

Answers will be posted to this forum every other week (or longer), once Mr. Muir has had a chance to respond. Web sites wishing to reprint Mr. Muir's responses may do so, unmodified and for non-commercial use only, as long as credit is given both for this web site ( and per our Open Content Model/Creative Commons license. Please do not reprint, alter or redistribute the contents within for commercial use.

We recommend that you read our 24 September 2003 interview with John, too!

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Please be sure to visit John's official Internet site: John Kenneth!

With very special thanks to John! Thank you!

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