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Features: "Science Fiction Darkside"

This page covers information about the Science Fiction Darkside fanzine. Disclaimer: is not affiliated with this publication. Inquiries about the fanzine should be sent to the editor, David Owens @

Cover of #2
Cover of #2

From David Owens, life-long Space: 1999 fan, artist and cartoonist:

The first four issues of Science Fiction Darkside focus on the first series of Space: 1999. To order a copy, please send $2.50 (in the U.S.) $4.00 (in Canada) check or money order payable to David Owens. Prices include shipping and handling. Send orders to:

Science Fiction Darkside
1349 Glenora Drive
London, Ontario Canada N5X-1T6.

ISSUE ONE: Space: 1999 Mission Background, Cast & Crew/Vehicles & Hardware info, Technical Section,Character Profiles of Commander Koenig & Dr. Russell, Alien Races, Out of Earth Orbit fan club information, Part one of the Episode Guide, Fan Fiction/Articles by Jonathan Gilbert and David Owens & Website info.

Cover of #4
Cover of #4

ISSUE TWO: Space: 1999 Chronology-Series One,Technical Section,Profiles of Professor Bergman and Alan Carter, Part two of Alien Races & Episode Guide, Fan fiction/articles by Joel Owens and Jonathan Gilbert, and fan art by Yul Tolbert and David Owens.

ISSUE THREE: Technical Section, Profiles of Paul Morrow & Sandra Benes, Part Three of Alien Races & Episode Guide, "End of Eternity" episode overview, A Sketchbook section, Articles by Jonathan Gilbert.

ISSUE FOUR: Fan Fiction by Joel Owens, Technical Section, Profiles of Dr. Bob Mathias and David Kano, Part Four of Alien Races & Episode Guide, "Dragon's Domain" episode overview, Article and story by Jonathan Gilbert, plus more fan fiction by Ken Scott.

Contributors to Sci-Fi Darkside: Jonathan Gilbert, Ken Scott, Joel Owens, Yul Tolbert, Seppo Makinen and David Owens.


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