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Space: 1999 Intro titles

Martin Landau

Barbara Bain

Barry Morse

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Gerry Anderson

Explosion from 'Breakaway'

Episode Guide: Year One

Space: 1999 made it's television debut in September 1975. The first season, known within fandom as "Year One," ran 1975-1976.

  1. "Breakaway"
    In the year 1999, the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha are stranded when the moon is hurled from Earth's orbit as nuclear waste is ignited by magnetic radiation.
  2. "A Matter of Life and Death"
    The runaway moon comes across planet Terra Nova, a seemingly ideal world to settle on... and the Alphans discover Dr. Helena Russell's "deceased" husband!
  3. "The Black Sun"
    The runaway moon is headed towards a "black sun" -- and the fate of Moonbase Alpha's inhabitants appears doomed. And only a handful of survivors have a chance for survival aboard an Eagle "lifeboat."
  4. "Ring Around the Moon"
    The moon is snarled in an energy field by the inhabitants of the planet Triton -- and Dr. Russell's life hangs in the balance.
  5. "Earthbound"
    An alien spacecraft lands on the moon,with beings whom are journeying to Earth. One Alphan may make the journey -- who will it be?
  6. "Another Time, Another Place"
    The moon returns to Earth--and encounters a duplicate moon, with a duplicate set of future Alphans. Who can stay? Who must go?
  7. "Missing Link"
    Commander Koenig is whisked away to another planet, following an Eagle accident. As he learns about the link between humanity and the inhabitants of the alien world, he must decide whether to stay or return to Moonbase Alpha?
  8. "Guardian of Piri"
    The Alphans are influenced to abandon the moon for a nearby world. But what is the price for paradise?
  9. "Force of Life"
    A mysterious alien force possesses one of the Alphans -- with murderous results.
  10. "Alpha Child"
    The first human child is born on the Moon -- or is it alien?
  11. "The Last Sunset"
    Probes from the nearby planet land on the moon--and create an Earth-like atmosphere!
  12. "Voyager's Return"
    An exploratory space probe from Earth's past crosses the wayward moon's path -- bringing death and destruction in its wake.
  13. "Collision Course"
    The moon's wayward trajectory sends it on a collision course with the planet Astheria. And as the time approaches to alter the moon's trajectory, Koenig is influenced by Arra, a being from Astheria, to let the collision occur...
  14. "Death's Other Dominion"
    The Alphans survey a ice planet -- where the survivors of an earlier Earth expedition have crash-landed... and unlocked the secrets of immortality.
  15. "The Full Circle"
    While investigating a nearby planet, the Alphans mysteriously disappear -- and pre-historic Stone Age humans begin to appear...
  16. "End of Eternity"
    While investigating a nearby asteroid, the Alphans uncover a hidden series of chambers, housing a remarkable individual with the gift of eternal life... and a dark past.
  17. "War Games"
    Spacecraft from a nearby planet attack Moonbase Alpha--and large casualties ensue as the Alphans seek to defend themselves.
  18. "The Last Enemy"
    The moon becomes the middleground for a war between two planets -- with Moonbase Alpha trapped in-between!
  19. "The Troubled Spirit"
    A ghost terrifies the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha... and one Alphan in particular.
  20. "Space Brain"
    The moon heads uncontrollably towards a living organism in space.
  21. "The Infernal Machine"
    A huge "living" spacecraft approaches Moonbase Alpha, trapping crewmembers aboard.
  22. "Mission of the Darians"
    A distress call from a nearby city in space draws the Alphans' curiousity for an exploratory mission.
  23. "Dragon's Domain"
    Astronaut Tony Cellini is faced with a demon from his past -- literally.
  24. "Testament of Arkadia"
    The moon is mysteriously brought into the orbit of a barren Earth-like world--which may reveal the origins of humanity--and the destiny/purpose of the Alphans in the universe.

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This section will featured detailed episode analyses of Space: 1999's first season, commonly referred to as "Year One."

See also: Year Two ».

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