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Gallery: CGI Models and Meshes: James Murphy

If you wish to contribute, please see our Open Content Model (OCM) guidelines, and send us an e-mail. Thank you!

This section is designed to spotlight computer generated image (CGI) models and meshes (ie. for fans to create their own images, exchange artwork and models, etc.). We welcome your submissions in Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Electric Image and various other formats. The files have been provided with special permission from the creators.

James Murphy

Our special thanks to Jmaes Murphy. James has made his Space: 1999 models available in 3D Studio Max and Lightwave formats.

New Eagle Model
"This model is much more accurate than my previous Eagles. It is a Max2 file and has 296 separate objects which are not linked in any way at the moment. I will be building a complete interior and linking the landing gear so it works properly, there will also be working doors etc. The surface maps are all new and are in a separate file. Note that this model is not in the same scale as the other Eagles and pods. You will have to resize the winch pod, booster, etc. to use them with this new model."

James murphy's new Eagle model

The Lightwave version of this model is in one zip file and contains all the surface maps. The conversion was done by Andy Marrs who has done a great job.

The second Lightwave version by Edward E. Lamb reduces the face count of the original model (from about 300,000 to 145,000), without loosing any detail. There is one zip file which does not contain the surface maps, so you will need the file above (

Eagle Transporter

There are two files for this model: One which contains the Eagle and two pods: one white and one with red stripes (note they exactly lay on top off each other so you will have to hide or delete the one you do not want to render). The other file contains all the bitmaps for the surface textures.

James murphy rendered Eagle

All the Max2 version of the Eagle files have been improved (6 July 1998). There is a different structure to the files, no maps are now contained in the zipped files, they are available as one file. Note: Even if you have the original Eagle maps from James murphy, you will still need the file below, as many of them have been re-named and some others are different.

Eagle body

Eagle pod

There is one main pod, but with two side walls on top of each other (one has the red stripes). Simply hide or delete the one you don't want to render.

Eagle cargo and winch pod

Both pods can be made from the one mesh.

"Metamorph" Eagle

There are two files needed to create the Eagle seen in the episode, "The Metamorph."

Moon buggy

The file below contains everything needed for the model.

Landing pad

This file contains an Eagle landing pad from Moonbase Alpha, a section of moon surface and a planet. The zip file contains the bitmaps required.

James murphy rendering

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