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Gallery: Featured Artists:
Jack Vee

Mr. Vee (Jack Vee Video Production) has produced works for the National Park Service, F.E.M.A., M.I.A. Records, HP, Scope Communications and Agilant Technologies. He was awarded TOP 100 PRODUCER from AV PRODUCER MAGAZINE 2001.

He talked with about his work in the Space: 1999 universe (sort of) -- which may surprise many. See for yourselves.

"In 1998, I created some photo-realistic pre-visualizations for a National Park service film. A Canadian production company did the audio and video post for the film.They liked my work. We talked a bit and they gave me some VHS tapes and a treatment for a television movie based on the series Space: 1999. Don't hate me, but I had never heard of Space: 1999. Still, I was intrigued."

"I was given a bunch of photos of the original television production model. I was asked to create a low rez model and do some test animations I worked from some crude storyboards they whipped up. I still have about 20 seconds of animations ready to render. I was supposed to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, but I never did. They never paid me or contacted me again. They've never even seen the stuff you saw."

"Here's the gist of it."

"The show starts just like the original series except, an Eagle shuttle is leaving for Earth carrying the six main characters back to discuss the exploding moon threat. When the moon explodes and the Eagle flies through a large blast wave and has to crash-land on Earth. They awake from crash to find an alternate reality: no moon base, no Eagles, just a space shuttle (OUR REALITY) and, of course, we nab them, jail them, and they escape, repair minor damage to eagle. Awesome chase as we try to stop them with stealth F-22s, F-14s, F-15s, F-16s, AWACs and more all give chase, but the Eagle escapes to space, hits same blast wave and is sent back to their world minutes after the moon explosion and they crash-land back on their moon."

"Anyway, that's how I got into 3D F/X and never looked back."

Here are some links to my demo and other works Mr. Vee has produced:

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Animated CG movie
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