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Welcome to's free, non-commercial eBook publishing imprint!

Submit your work for consideration!

So, you have a great story idea, but you're not a writer. You need help. You're willing to work with a co-author, or grant permission to another writer to use your idea, provided you get a credit. Or maybe you're a writer who needs some editorial assistance.

This form is a good starting point.

We make no guarantees that we will be able to assist. However, we'll try to help as time permits.

IMPORTANT: Do not submit any work for consideration under you have throughly read and understood our Overview, FAQ and eBook Development Kit, all hosted here on

Questions should be asked via e-mail, not with this online submission form.

Please provide the following:

Your Name:
Your Pen Name (if different than your real name):
Your E-mail:

Describe your request (story idea, what help you need, etc.):
Type of content:
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fan fiction novel
short story/novelette/novella for anthology
artwork/design related
If other, please describe:
Genre: Space: 1999-inspired
crossover with another production
If other, please describe:
If you have a Space: 1999 themed web site, please share the name with us:
Site URL:


1.)'s Privacy Policy should be referenced for any privacy-related concerns.

2.) An author (writer, illustrator, editor) retains full rights to their works, granting use of the content for publication within their imprint. Same with a joint release via partnership with and another web site. Once an author agrees to allow (and any joint publishing partnerships with the imprint) the right to publish their work, the author may not cancel said agreement. The author may chose to republish elsewhere, although the existing publication can continue to be offered for free, non-commercial access.

3.) All submissions do not become the exclusive property of, as the author retains ownership of their work. However, submissions must available for free, non-commercial publication and distribution, granting our imprints the right to publish digital and hardcopy copies. The author agrees that any submission does not violate or impede upon their local laws.

4.) All submissions are made with the understanding that completed work is being submitted for consideration by for publication.

5.) retains the right of refusal to any submission or publication without notice at any time, including before, during or after publication.

6.) Any edits to an author's content, excluding formatting and spell-checking, are not permitted by, its partners or affiliates. may make recommendations for edits or content changes before publication or re-issues; if edits are conducted, they must be done with the strict approval of the author before publication.

7.) All parties involved in the publication of an eBook from the imprint are not entitled any payment or reimbursements of any kind. All work associated with this project is done voluntarily.

8.) The name of the author(s) and artist(s) involved will receive credit within their eBook for their work.

9.) Authors may re-issue eBooks themselves. However, they may not use the imprint, or joint imprint from a partnership, nor may they re-use/re-purpose anything such as formatting, cover art, layout, etc. from the imprint. They may use their own content only as they provided/formatted themselves.

10.) All published work is not officially licensed by the owners of the copyrights and trademarks. makes no claim to the "Space: 1999" licenses.

By submitting this form, I understand this is a free, volunteer, non-commercial, not-for-profit endeavor. I have throughly read, understood and agree to the content above, plus within the Overview, FAQ and eBook Development Kit, all hosted here on (If "no" to any of the above, then do not submit.)



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