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Gallery: Multimedia

Content is continually under development for this section. If you wish to contribute, please see our Open Content Model (OCM) guidelines, and send us an e-mail. Thank you!

On this page: Games | Audio (music) files | Themes files | Screensavers files | Software


Solitaire card games for Mozilla web browsers

Users of the free Mozilla web browsers can play XUL-based solitaire card games, like this one! (Note: Mozilla is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and UNIX operating systems!) And has added Space: 1999 images to the card decks! Our thanks to the game's author, Stephen Clavering at, for releasing the source code to the public.

Screen shot Screen shot: .jpg format (70k file size)

For Mozilla web browser installations Download: cards-s1999yearone.xpi (849k file size)
    - After downloading, drag 'n drop this file into your Mozilla browser to install.

Note: Follow the onscreen instructions during installation. To play, type chrome://cards/content/ into your browser to activate the game.


Example 1.

The playing card images are from Space: 1999's first season, known as Year One. As time permits, we may update the deck with new images and new layouts. (This project was rushed for the online "Breakaway" (Sept. 13th, 2003) anniversary celebrations.)

If you have already installed a prior version of the cards.xpi file from, our download will overwrite/replace it with the Space: 1999 cards.

This .xpi file is provided as a free download; it is not supported. Users assume any and all responsibility in downloading and installing the program(s). This .xpi file should also work with the Netscape 7.x and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Audio (music) Files

See our dedicated Audio section for available files.


Please note: We are interested in hosting Space: 1999 multimedia files for UNIX/Linux (KDE, Enlightenment and GNOME desktops), plus the MacOS, too! And we're seeking a development team for WinAmp audio player and Mozilla web browser Space: 1999 Themes (skins). Please send us an e-mail if you wish to contribute.

Space: 1999 Theme (for Windows)

D. E. Flanery has made available an incredible Microsoft Windows Space: 1999 Theme for 95/98/2000/Me/XP users. It also incorporates cursors and icons by André Parent, Robert Ashley Ruiz and Jon "Mr. Wonderful" Stadter with some additions/modifications on a couple of icons by D. E.

Download now Download Space: 1999 Theme (Year One and Two) for Windows (file size: 7.24M)

Screen Savers

Neil Strawbridge ( has created two fabulous screen savers for Space:1999 fans. (10 March 2000)

Neil writes, "I've just finished creating my first Space: 1999 screen saver. This is a screen saver for fans of Year One. Here's what it does: The screen blanks with an ITC logo... and sound! Then.... the drum roll builds to 'Starring Martin Landau...' and includes the complete opening credits."

"The Year Two screen saver also starts with the ITC logo and sound. This time, thanks to the magic of opening credits, we get to see a pretty detailed view of what happened on September 13, 1999. This screen saver includes the Derek Wadsworth theme from the Year Two series."

"Sorry, I can't figure out how to get the sound to play only ONCE per blanking session, so you'll probably want to mute the sound after the first or second pass."

"The total file size for Year One is 6.55Mb;Year Two is 6.8Mb. Requirements: Both screen savers are designed to run in high color/true color mode. (That is, your screen colors must be set to greater than 256 colors, or the pictures might appear a bit splotchy.) To hear the accompanying soundtrack, you must have a MIDI capable soundcard installed. The better your MIDI capabilities, the better the music will sound."

Download now Download Space: 1999 Screen Saver (Year One) for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP (file size: 6.64M)

Download now Download Space: 1999 Screen Saver (Year Two) for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP (file size: 6.20M)


Virtual Moon Atlas (V.M.A.)

Free software for Moon observation (or survey) for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. Now available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian versions.

Download @ Download via the web site. (Approx. file size: 14M; freeware.)

Clementine Explores the Moon
Excellent, educational, color HyperCard stacks from NASA which feature an easy to use and clean interface, lots of great images, and detailed explanations for each image. This Particular stack features twenty high quality images of the Moon and Earth taken by the Clementine probe.

Download Download Mac version. (Approx. file size: 2M; freeware.)

Download Download Windows version. (Approx. file size: 2M; freeware.)

Additional freeware programs can be found here.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License, in conjunction with our Open Source Content Model. This site uses XHTML and CSS and looks best with a standards compliant browser.

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