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What's New (News) - Archives

Space: 1999 Year Two Omnibus book on sale for a very limited time!
Only 100 copies of this unsigned, limited second edition book is now available drectly from publisher Powys Media! According to Mateo Latosa, "YEAR TWO is a limited edition vinyl bound, silver embossed, hardcover omnibus, containing the novelizations of EVERY episode of Space: 1999 Year Two--including THE TAYBOR, which was not in the original 1970s books. The stories have been re-ordered to reflect the internal chronology of the series and revised for consistent continuity with the original series, Year One, and with the Powys Media novels (both published and forthcoming). This second edition is a limited edition of 100 books. It features a foreword from the author and an afterword from yours truly. Unlike the first edition, this is not a pre-order. The YEAR TWO second edition is available and in stock. It will not be available in stores or via any other internet bookseller." (17.May.06)

Send your birthday wishes to Barry Morse!
Mr. Morse turns 88 on June 13th! Learn how/where you can send your well-wishes to Space: 1999's Professor Victor Bergman! The deadline is June 1st, 2006. (08.May.06)

Two new Space: 1999 eBooks projects announced: "Fan Fiction Anthology" and "Essays & Analyses"
Do you write short stories? Essays? Analyses? See our newest eBook announcements and learn how YOU can get involved! You might be the next author to join the published ranks of's eBook imprint. (27.April.06)

Our full-length book review of "Space: 1999 - Resurrection"
We've (finally) posted our full-length book review of author William Latham's original novel from publisher Powys Media. (26.April.06)

New Space: 1999 3D models/meshes available
With many thanks to Stephen Hebbend-Bach and Roger Clow (The Great Raja), we have NEW 3D models/meshes available for free download! And for the first time ever: a 3D likeness of Moonbase Alpha. (20.April.06)

Digital Space: 1999 comic books and comic magazines
Thanks to the efforts of the digital comic book preservationists, we have scanned, electronic copies of the Charlton (U.S.) Space: 1999 comic books and comic magazines available. (20.April.06)

New Space: 1999 eBooks endeavors announced!
On April 18, 2006, and announce the launch of a new eBook publishing efforts: free, non-commercial, not-for-profit Space: 1999 fan fiction-based, electronic books available for download! Learn more... (18.April.06)

Another brand new Space: 1999 fan site goes live!
Launched April 17, 2006: Paul Stankovich presents a brand new Space: 1999 web site, including superb video content!

"Space Brain, Part II"?
As posted on's forum by Martin Willey: The Ellsworth Air Force Base (AFB) firefighting foam test gone awry... can you say, "Space Brain, Part II"? (17.April.06)

"scififorladies" blog now online
Launched March 2006: From Space: 1999 fan Colleen Bement comes a new science fiction blog!

Brand new Space: 1999 fan site goes live!
From Phil Merkel (CaptPhil) comes a new science fiction fan site--featuring a Space: 1999 section with terrific content! See for yourselves! And don't miss the various podcasts available for free download!

Out of Earth Orbit comic strip debut
Yul Tolbert presents the first installment of his Space: 1999 comic strip! For more information, visit the official site.

New Barry Morse memoir due in Fall 2006
Barry Morse (Space: 1999's Professor Victor Bergman), Robert E. Wood and Anthony Wynn have officially signed with publisher McFarland and Company, Inc. for a new book release! Tentatively titled "Remember With Advantages - Chasing 'The Fugitive' and Other Stories from an Actor's Life", this memoir of Mr. Morse is tentatively scheduled for a Fall 2006 release.

Mark your calendars for 2008: "Another Con, Another Place"
Billed as an "Alphan Holiday" in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this Space: 1999 fan event will take place July 18-20, 2008. See for more details!

New Yahoo! Groups for Bain, Landau, and Morse
With the recent retirement of fan club President Terry S. Bowers, both of her organizations (which she ran for more than 25 years) have gone defunct. Barbara Bain International and the Martin Landau Aficionados are no longer in existance. Both groups have more or less migrated to discussion groups on the web, but without the participation of Terry. These links are: Barbara Bain ( and Martin Landau Also available: Barry Morse (

Many thanks to Ms. Bowers for her dedication and work over the past two and a half decades!

NASA's World Wind available (MS Windows 2000 and XP only)
Learn more about the Earth and the moon with this 3D software. The free, open source program from NASA now has the ability to browse Clementine moon data with full 3D terrain! Download it today! Additional free add-ons are available.


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